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Take pride in our culture: share in a legacy, inspire community, celebrate humanity.

Art is for everyone, and local arts are all for you. Everyone wins when we invest in our arts, culture, and creative community:

  • Connect to community

  • Enhance education

  • Grow opportunity

  • Champion diversity

  • Build your brand

Empower the arts and The Asylum Theatre!

The arts are not a cause they are an industry, a tool for society, and a reflection of humanity.

Build your brand  with The Asylum

An investment of  $250 will support a local theatremaker's fees and give you a 1/2 page ad in our digital program, and shared on our website.

Email your ad image in pdf, jpeg , or png format, or any questions to

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Sponsor a project

Diversity, accessibility, affordability are all possible because of locals like you who help create opportunities in our community.


Sponsor one of our special programs that empower people & stories from all walks of life. For answers and options email

  • Asylum World theatre projects

  • Playwright residencies

  • Family Fun Holiday Show

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