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The Asylum was founded in 1997 as a haven for the development of new ideas and emerging artists in Southern Nevada. Our mission is to connect audiences to new work and artists to each other.


We are a home in the Southern Nevada region for partners, both nationally and internationally; providing artists and the public access to tools that empower us to create, heal, and communicate. The Asylum has worked hard to identify both the needs of our community, and opportunities for our artistic tools to help meet them.


During the 2020 pandemic shut down, we leveraged our resources to successfully manage the “Create Our Recovery Concert Series” in partnership with Clark County, and the Producers Alliance of Southern Nevada (PALSNV) which employed local musicians to perform at convention center vaccine clinics.

Leveraging a private donation into a larger grant opportunity from the NV Corona Recovery Task Force, over 200 Technicians and performers provided relief to the public as they received their shots throughout the Spring.

COR Concert Series graphic TRIMMED_edited.jpg

One investment in a performance provided multiple returns: the artists earned income in spite of closures, patient anxiety was eased, and the work transformed an isolating, bureaucratic experience into a positive, communal one. It also connected performers to new audiences. The arts are a force multiplier when engaged with as an equal partner. Now is the time, and Southern Nevada is the place, to develop our creative community and maximize its potential; the needs in every direction are great, but so is the potential for positive transformation.


We pledge to do just that in this, our 25th season as one of the longest-running theatre companies in Las Vegas, with the launch of The Asylum's P.L.A.C.E. project (Partnerships Leveraging Arts and the Creative Economy). The P.L.A.C.E. project is a strategic initiative to enhance The Asylum's historic role as an incubator for local projects across disciplines, and it will focus on three areas:


  • Empowering the Creative Workforce through Create Our Recovery grants

  • Strengthening the network of Partners for the arts, culture, and creative community

  • Producing new work and artistic collaborations both at home and abroad


The P.L.A.C.E. project can help healthcare and education while building a network of partnership that will strengthen our creative workforce; skilled professionals who play an essential role in our recovery and prospects as a home for innovation and the tech industry. We want to help leverage our arts and culture experts across sectors; healing local communities, and advancing the Creative Economy which contributes more to the state's GDP than Mining.


The Theatre is the art of everything coming together through partnership in real time. The Asylum is a safe place for partners with the arts.

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