The Asylum has collaborated with artists both nationally and internationally, producing fully-mounted productions and staged readings since 1996. We are committed to facilitating interactions between the audience, the artists, and the community through the organization of discussion and outreach events.

P A S T   P R O J E C T S

Evan Guilford-Blake
True Magic, Caliban Dancing, Mid-century Blues
Charles Kray
A Thing of Beauty
George Crowe
Separate Beds
John Lisbon Wood
Yahuti’s Harmonica
Patrick Desmond
Jazzy and the Morning Dove’s Song
The Next to Last Bow
Jenet L. Dechary
The Last John Doe
Erik Ramsey
The Bear Went Over
Jenny Laird
Ballad Hunter
Brett Neveu
The Last Barbeque
Donald Lewis
Quiet Light, Fire Water
Constance Devereaux
The Frame, Avacado Season
Ken Tesoriere
Lena’s Secret Garden
Walter Wykes
Fading Joy, The Profession, The Salmon Tribunal
Chris Mann
Finding a Contemporary God, Drinks at Griffey’s
Doug Hill
A Broomstick in the Sea
Dale Andersen
A Better Place


Chris Van Strander
Terrible Infant
Andrea Stolowitz
S.P. Miskowski
Boom City
Rich Orloff
Companion Pieces

Chatting with the Tea Party
Davey Marlin-Jones
Lies in the Looking Glass
Judith Drake
Family Fun
Stephen J. Meyer
Not His Story
Margaret Lewis
Charms for Protection
William Borden
Food for Love
William Missouri Downs
Dead White Males, Innocent Thoughts
Mark Steven Jensen
The Atomic Bull
Liz Amberly
Whisper Down the Lane
Julie Jensen
The Las Vegas Series, WAIT!
Will Matthews
9 Second Window
Nick Zagone
Never Say Denver Again
Shawn Overton
Fibonacci Ascending

Raymond Hull & Mike Corda
The Damsel, the Devil & Demon Rum​

Timothy Braun
Michael E. Wolfson
J. Zakki

Bret Fetzer
Planet Janet​

Adam Szymkowicz

Wayne Rawley
Camp Lake Sunny Lake
Erica Griffin
The Sungazers
SJ Hodges
The Bourgie Willy B

Keri Healy

Cherry, Cherry, Lemon

Dan Hirsch


Thomas J. Misuraca


The E-book of Love

Object of Affection

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