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The Asylum Theatre celebrates 25 years with special events and a growing ensemble

Announcing our new Resident Playwright, Gigi Guizado!

The Asylum Theatre incorporated in 1997 as a haven for new ideas determined to introduce audiences to new work and artists to each other, and we are proud to take our mission to another level in our 25th year as an independent theatre.

Maggie Winn-Jones founded The Asylum because she new how essential investing in new ideas and supporting both emerging and regional artists is to not just American Theatre, but to the art form around the world. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has shockingly proved this point through the courage of artists like the ProEnglish Theatre company in Kyiv. When the shelling began, they got to work transforming their space into a wartime Art Shelter where they care for the community by day and create work under curfews and bombardment.

Thanks to a tip from an Asylum alumnus, VEILS playwright Tom Coash, we were able to connect with them and have already begun a partnership. First, as a broadcasting partner of their streamed performances, and now as artistic collaborators on a diverse cultural event called ASYLUM to perform at the Winchester Cultural Center on June 4th at 7PM. Included in the program will be a livestream performance from the Art Shelter fort our in-person audience, as well as diverse members of our own community with onstage reflections on refuge from around the world and here at home.

Rafael Guizado and Resident Playwright, Gigi Guizado.

This continues our history of international collaborations with The Asylum that includes our recent partnership with the Out of the Wings Festival in the UK for SCHERZO (Dialogue with a Statue) by Rafael Guizado, translated by local artist Gigi Guizado. The success of that production led to the appointment of Gigi Guizado as our new Resident Playwright last March. The Asylum is committed to supporting her work along with other projects that arise from our open submission process.

Artistic Associate, Jay Nagle.

Since reopening amid the pandemic, The Asylum has partnered with Jay Nagle, a local actor, producing director, and arts educator on programming at the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center and developing his SLAMMER! stage and film projects. We are honored to announce Mr. Nagle has formally joined Asylum Theatre colleagues Alexa Josey, David Herrera, Julet Lindo, David McGinnis, and Brook McGinnis as an Artistic Associate.

Earlier in 2022, The Asylum P.L.A.C.E. project was announced. The initiative focuses on further development of the artistic community and our Creative Economy. Among the efforts is a new arts-business partnership grant program called "Create Our Recovery Grants". These grants will fund creative workers offering services in traditionally non-arts spaces and organizations.

Please follow us to stay up to date, and join us for a Spring and Summer of unique and engaging experiences that are a positive force in the world! #EatMoreArt


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