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The Asylum Theatre celebrates 25 years, a new play, and a new international partnership

Sarah O'Connell to direct Las Vegas-based Gigi Guizado's translation of Rafael Guizado's work.

The Asylum Theatre is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary, and is proud to present SCHERZO (Dialogue with a Statue) by Colombian playwright Rafael Guizado; translated by his granddaughter and local theatre maker, Gigi Guizado.

SCHERZO marks the return of The Asylum to the Winchester Dondero Cultural Center after several years and Artistic Director Sarah O'Connell will direct. The production is part two of a development process already underway thanks to an international partnership with the Out of the Wings Festival, a group based at King's College London which showcases plays in translation from throughout the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds with year-round activities of table reads, discussions and theatre events.

Gigi Guidado (Right). Photo by: Kiefer Jones

"We are pleased to bring local arts to the world stage through an exciting new collaboration with the Out of the Wings Festival in the U.K. Scholars from across the globe have supported Gigi Guizado with earlier workshops of the script and look forward to our staging. It is an honor and a great pleasure to celebrate a local Latina playwright who has made a Colombian master's work a part of the contemporary English-speaking American Theatre through her translation." - Sarah O'Connell

Out of the Wings was co-founded in 2008 by Catherine Boyle, David Johnston and Jonathan Thacker, following their collaboration with Royal Shakespeare Company’s acclaimed Spanish Golden Age season. The first years of the Out of the Wings project resulted in new translations, readings and performances, a wealth of research, conference and public events.

Formed in 1996, The Asylum Theatre exists to connect audiences to new work and artists to each other. It is a remarkable achievement to celebrate 25 years after a year of turmoil and a global pandemic. The Asylum Theatre's mission has never been more important as Arts and Culture communities across the globe work together to #CreateOurRecovery. This project, along with the #CreateOurRecovery Concert Series are two examples of how the Arts can lead the way.

There are multiple events associated with this project:

  • An international cast will perform a table read via Zoom on May 28th, 2021.

  • The Asylum Theatre will present a production with a local cast for the live performance on June 25th, 2021.

  • There will be a second, final performance on June 26th, 2021 at 2pm, followed by a discussion with members of the London OOTW Festival partners and the Las Vegas audience.

  • There will be a recorded stream of the live production on the Winchester Center's Facebook Live on June 29th, 2021 for both locals and the international audience to enjoy.


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