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IN THE MIND'S EYE: A musical chronicle about Jack the Ripper, presented in concert at The Asylum

By Jay Nagle and Dwayne Parks with new music and arrangements by Rylan Leo Helmuth.

The Asylum Theatre, in collaboration with Clark County's Winchester Dondero Cultural Center and Funsize Productions goes to the dark side in time for the Halloween Season.

The year is 1884. the place is the studio of the English impressionist artist named Walter. Sickert. Walter and his family had been in service to the royal family for a few generations...

IN THE MIND'S EYE -a musical chronicle about Jack the Ripper is the story of one of the most famous unsolved case of serial murders committed in the Whitechapel area of London, England where five women surviving as prostitutes were viciously murdered. Experience the mystery through the eyes of an impressionist painter as he follows a path of intrigue that involves the Royal family, blackmail, murder, and unrequited love. There have been many theories as to who the killer was; discover the possibilities in this new work of historic fiction; based on chronicles of factual events and featuring an incredible ensemble of local voices and musicians..

This original musical was penned by Jay Nagle and Dwayne Parks with new music and arrangements by Rylan Leo Helmuth . The Asylum Theatre's artistic associate Jay Nagel is co-directing the production with Annette Houlihan Verdolino, and vocal direction by Ilana Atkins. Talented company of performers is stage managed by Rebecca Sass and includes many Las Vegas favorites:

Michael Kaczurak as Walter Sickert

Holly Shaffer as Annie Crook

Also featured are Gary Lunn, Gigi Guizado, Greg Korin,Yisrael Dubov,Kimberly Arnold, Bella Delgado, Olivia Gordon ,Amy Ruesch,Amy Beth Palladino, Brianna Adams, Ira Norwood, Naree Asherian, Jonathan Cruz,Carl Duenas, Ashley Gonzales, Mary Beth Zentner ,Kate Sirls , Diana Wilson and John Hammel as Sir William Gull.

In the Mind's Eye-A musical chronicle about Jack the Ripper has TWO SHOWS ONLY.



7:00 P.M.


3130 MC LEOD DrR

Las Vegas,Nv.


Tickets $ 15


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