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The Vegas, Baby! Project

What happens at The Asylum in Las Vegas, should be happening everywhere!

The new age of technology might be great for the distribution of new work in film, music, and other forms of visual art, but theatre is theatre and it has to happen in front of an audience, in a shared space.  To advance the work artistically, we need to move the work physically.


The Asylum is is committed to making sure that innovative theatre happens in Vegas, but doesn't stay in Vegas.  Our aim is to find asylum for progressive work in the theatre in as many places as possible by strengthening the fellowship between venues across the country, and individual artists looking to introduce their work.

Where better to travel on your journey than the city built on imagination, risk, and reinvention?  Have you developed as an artist where you are at now?  What are you working on next?  Where are you going with it?  Take a gamble.  Bring it to Vegas, Baby!​  Let's see where it can lead together!

Your tax-deductible donation will help us recruit visitng artists, and attract Las Vegas tourism.
The Asylum is a 501(c)3 non-profit. 
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